How many Metaverse experiences map onto the four basic real-world coordinates of Planet Earth: latitude, longitude, altitude, and time?

more risky research, less master classes

[March 2019: This article, and the entire VR/AR Series, is now available bilingually in Chinese and English courtesy of NYU Shanghai.]
[October 2020: Additional VR/AR class projects from NYU Shanghai since publication can be found here.]

Sunday VR project at NYU Shanghai: 6 students humming a 47 piece orchestral version of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy based on the layout of the Dublin Symphony Hall. A two-minute 3D VR video version on YouTube is here and a “making of” presentation is here.


The first half-semester was pretty easy on…

Michael Naimark

Artist, inventor, and scholar in the fields of virtual reality and new media art. OG.

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