A Cheap Simple Hack for Improving Your Online Classtime Experiences

First prototype

Many of you have access to 3D printers, so we are freely sharing our designs and look forward to your feedback and improvements.

We recognize that many of you expect to be online only, hopefully, through the spring. Thus, this is a MacGyver-style hack designed for rapid deployment. It is informed by a pre-existing 3-year project at NYU Shanghai on immersive one-on-one teleconferencing.

What It Is

Early CGI model
Current version

Why It Works

Ponder for a moment what it’s like to have a face-to-face interaction with someone.

How We Got There

Telewindow 2018
Telewindow 2018
Telewindow 2019


We’re grateful for support for Telewindow from NYU’s Technology-Enhanced Education Fund Clay Shirky and NYU Shanghai Library Xiaojing Zu, and especially grateful for a “rapid deployment” Special Research Grant from NYU Shanghai Vice Chancellor Jeffrey Lehman for this project.



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Michael Naimark

Michael Naimark

Michael Naimark has worked in immersive and interactive media for over four decades.