Big Tech’s Race to the Ground (View)

Google Earth “ground-level view” from a 3D model, above, Google Street View, from a camera-based 2D image, below.
Facebook / Meta’s Project Aria video, simulating 3D Earth mapping with dots outside and with tags inside.
Niantic’s city-scale Visual Positioning System can place cartoon clouds and flying ships behind actual buildings.

One solution worth considering? Lens caps.

Snapchat’s AR collaboration with Jeff Koons in NY Central Park tagged by graffiti artist Sebastian Errazuriz.
Optical AR headset (Magic Leap) and pass-through AR headset (Varjo)
Michael Naimark, May 2014.
AR-like VR kiosk showing a historical re-enactment, by Timescope, Paris.

With a good ground-level 3D Earth model, all AR can be experienced as VR, anywhere.



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